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Birthdate:Oct 29
Name: Skull Servant / Weidt White
Age: ... A very good question. It's also very likely whatever age he tells you is a lie. As a human
Gender: ... Likely male, but no one wants to know.
Dorm/School: Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, Skull Servant Edition. / Osiris Red [Transfer]
Year: 1st Year
Current Deck: Skull Servant Deck (Ace: King of the Skull Servants)

Description: A human skeleton clothed in blue/indigo robes. Seriously. That's about it. It's a human skeleton. In blue robes. That walks around. Talks. And annoys the living daylights out of you. :| What else do you people need? Oh. Right. In 'Disguise' as a human, he wears a huge black afro and the red uniform. Doesn't prevent his limbs from falling off.
Personality: Annoying as all hell. The moment you meet this guy, you'll want to get rid of him. But he always. Keeps. Coming. Back. There's nothing stopping this guy until you buy or sell from him. And usually what you get in return is infinitely not worth the price you paid for it, and falls apart in your hands in ten business days. He believes the rules are scamming a customer into being satisfied and that doing whatever you can for money is perfectly fine in so long as the customer is not *physically* harmed. So to speak. Ankle biting's cool, right? On the whole, he dislikes blood or severe injury of the people he deals with.
History: From the massive country sized ghetto known as "Skullsville" in a dimension not of Dark World, the Skull Servants are ruled by Bob, the King of the Skull Servants. Their society is one founded on greed. This is sadly, due to Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine having reception in their world. And so, the Skull Servants were all influenced by the Ferengi. And have thus become the most notorious con artists, cheap skates, and flim flammers in the 12 Different Dimensions.

This particular Skull Servant, out of his wholly annoying race was added to Brron's task force because he was the least back stabbing and swindling of his kind, as Brron needed a merchant/rogue to help facilitate his plans. Skull Servant was also one of the four of the eight monsters of the mission who were sent as vanguards. In his case, a foreign transfer student by the name of Weidt White, a very pale boy with a mighty Herculean afro.
Extra Abilities: The World's Greatest Conman, Capable of Starting Dark Games, Hypnosis

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deals, duels, greed, money, skull servant, very important man, your money, your pants
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