33million: (LOL)
33million ([personal profile] 33million) wrote2008-06-13 02:50 am

[Event Post, LOL]

Step Right. Step Right up!

::Weidt's bony voice fills the air::

Come one, come all, come get your amazing Brainwashing Kit. Multiple Models included, and if you buy the first for 3000 yen or DP, you can buy the second for 500 yen, and the third for 100 yen! And if you buy a 4th kit for 50 Yen, you get a free mug and duel disk.

If anyone wants to volunteer to see how authentic the product is, come right up. We are not shy to show the usefullness of our products. LOL.

::Has one of those hats, you know the one, a striped red and white jacket, and a cane. And a fake handlebar moustache::

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